Japanese weddings

I’m finally getting time to catch up on the readings I missed and have just finished the Kobe Palace Japanese weddings which I found a very intriguing article. The whole concept of having everything required for the wedding under one roof is quite cool, from the dresses, the ceremony, the reception, flowers, jewellery store, make-up and hair studio, even the wedding gifts, where the couple simply have to select what they want from the options and they have an instant wedding planned. I think it is great that the Palace caters to different sectors by offering Buddhist ceremonies and Shinto ceremonies as well as traditional Japanese style or Western style weddings. The author does however portray the reality of how these weddings are very much ‘produced’ and ‘manufactured’ on a mass basis with such strict time schedules that allows for little individuality in weddings, as a result many of the weddings are identical and have very few aspects that are distinct to each couple. I think that while it is a great concept to have everything in the one area, and would definitely save a lot of time planning an elaborate wedding, and I imagine is much cheaper to do it this way. However, by having their weddings at Palaces such as this, the couples lose much say in the event and have little control in the wedding proceedings and their ‘special day’ is virtually identical to everyone else’s.


~ by jackie213 on June 4, 2009.

One Response to “Japanese weddings”

  1. Yeah, I really liked this reading and the insight it gave. It is both a really good and yet really strange concept, these wedding ‘palaces’. You’re right about the convenience of having everything in one place, but also abhout how the couple have very little say in their wedding. And it all seems a wee bit fake to me – I mean, they are real weddings of course, but how they imitate factors of weddings, such as the taped music playing in the background, seems a bit weird. I have to say I wouldn’t really like the idea of my wedding being set to a strict timeframe and with things occuring with timetables precision, but maybe that’s just me 🙂

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